Outer Ear Infection

All our regular pharmacists at Monkbar pharmacy are trained to identify the symptoms of and to treat an outer ear infection called ‘otitis externa’. This involves looking in the ear using an otoscope to investigate and rule out other possible diagnoses.

Otitis externa causes redness and swelling of the external ear canal (between the eardrum and the outer ear). It is often called ‘swimmer’s ear’ because repeated exposure to the water can make the ear vulnerable to inflammation.

Most of the time, it is just the one ear that is affected. Usually, otitis externa is caused by bacteria. Although it can also be caused by a fungal infection, allergy or irritation. Symptoms of otitis externa include ear pain, irritation and itchiness of the ear canal. It may also get red and sore. You may get discharge from the ear.
For more information see the NHS website.

Please note that this is a private service. A consultation with the pharmacist including looking inside the ears is £25. The pharmacist will determine appropriate treatment option. Treatment is not included in the consultation fee and usually ranges between £8 and £25.

Please ring the pharmacy before attending to check that there is a pharmacist available to look in your ear.

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