The Human Papilloma Virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Normally, infection doesn’t cause any symptoms, but it can cause genital warts and genital cancers (including cervical cancer).

HPV is transmitted during sexual contact. In many cases, the infection is cleared by the body’s immune response. But sometimes, the infection persists and goes unnoticed. If this happens, it could lead to cancerous lesions. HPV is the most common cause of cervical cancer and when infected with certain types of HPV this increases your risk of cervical cancer greatly.

Using condoms during sex is a way of preventing HPV but they’re not 100% because the virus can be present on skin in the entire genital area.
Here at Monkbar Pharmacy, we offer private vaccination to get you protected against HPV.

The number of doses you require depends on your age. Children under 15 require two doses. The second dose is given 5-13 months after the first.

Those over 15 require three doses to be protected. The second dose is given at least one month after the first. Then, the third dose is given at least three months after the second.

The vaccine is suitable for children over the age of 9 and for adults no older than 45.

See more information on the NHS Website here.

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