Shingles is a viral infection that affects the nerves and skin known as herpes zoster. It is caused by the dormant varicella zoster virus reactivating. (This is the same virus that causes chickenpox.)

Your risk of shingles increases with age and you’re more likely to get shingles if you have a weakened immune system.

You can’t pass on shingles to someone while you have shingles but you can pass on chickenpox to someone while you have shingles if they’ve not had it before.

The vaccine is the best way at preventing getting shingles and is suitable for those over 50.

At Monkbar Pharmacy, we offer one type of shingles vaccine as a private service:

  •  Two doses (2 x £225) non-live vaccine given as 2 doses, 2 months apart

This vaccine has been shown to be the most effective vaccine at preventing shingles in all age groups.

To read more about this vaccine please read here the patient information leaflet for shingrix here

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