Stopping Smoking

Stopping smoking is the single most important piece of lifestyle advice to improve your health, and here at Monkbar Pharmacy we realise it’s easier said than done! If you’ve taken the first step and decided to attempt to quit, come and visit us here at Monkbar Pharmacy for all the advice and support you need to successfully quit today. To help you achieve your smoke free future we:

  • Can provide prescription strength tablets (if clinically suitable). These reduce cravings and are taken in a way to stop smoking in a controlled, stepwise manner.
  • Can advise you on the most suitable nicotine replacement product; whether its patches, gum, nasal sprays or a lozenge there is a product to help you quit!
  • Sell a wide range of electronic cigarettes. These are the latest products on the market, looking and tasting like the real thing. Ideal substitutes for real cigarettes with minimal risk to the health of you or others.

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